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I was talking to John yesterday he said that they have many regular customers that, like you, had quit eating beef because of the steroids, etc. They have literature on all the farms that they purchase from. The bakery is also exceptional, though all I've tried is the sourdough bread. My buddy Razz picked a bunch of blackberry's, blueberrys, other berrys last fall and she let him bake the pies. She sold some and he took the rest. I thought that was pretty cool. So if you ever see a "Razz" pie, pick one up.

Monkey McGee

Thanks for the tip--I've seen the sign on the building when I drive by and I wondered about them. My wife and I gave up beef after learning about all the crap that goes into commercial beef, so I might be able to get a decent steak there.

Is the bakery any good that's in that building?

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