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Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I hope all is well. If there is anything we at state of confession can do, don't hesitate to ask!


A rhyme for you...from me...about my incident earlier today...w/the whole elderly women small town ordeal:

ouch for my ankle that got messed up today
while I was walking down stairs...reading accounting...and thought hey
when suddenly a step too many was taken
hearts....hands...feet....mind was all shakin'
when from under the breath came a warm cool breeze
from when I nearly fell to my knees
but I caught myself...just in the knick of time
so for now....while I wait....to hear sweet sweet ringing chimes
I'll go enlighten my noggin'
so don't come by...if this shack is a rockin'

Andrew Huff

Sorry to hear about your grandmother--I went through almost the same thing back in October, except my grandmother broke her hip. Then she had a heart attack while in the hospital recovering from her hip replacement surgery. She's finally getting back to normal now. All that stuff makes you really wonder about how things will be when you get old.

I hope the nursing home is good--you sure can't tell from any of their web pages, we went through the same thing. My father-in-law is a doctor for some nursing homes and said the staff (not the doctors, but the regular staff) will always give more attention to those patients who have family and friends visit often, so you and your family may want to do that, if possible. It's messed up, but that's how it is.

Good luck, and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

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