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Walaha Kastom Ceremony

Walaha Kastom Ceremony

Walaha, Vanuatu

"Here are those pics. One of them is me, my
counterpart, and grandma when I got presented a kastom
name, food, a mat, and a basket (intro page). The other four are from a
kastom ceremony in Walaha, which is another village in W.
Ambae. It was to celebrate x-mas eve, during the dance
they also break into these little march exercises that they
watched and learned from the US Military back in WWII. I
found it quite strange the first time I witnessed a
military exercise break out in the middle of a kastom danis
back in July. Kastom in Ambae isn't near as strong as it
is on some other islands like Santo, Malekula, Pentecost,
and Tanna; but their seems to be a sort of re-realization
of its importance and some of the youth are taking the time
to learn from some of the oldfala's. I gotta get back to
work, but I've extended my time in Vila, so I'll tell you
more about village life and send you some more pics
tomorrow. Peace - M"